Monday, March 14, 2011

spring forward, fall back.

Usually time changes, jet lag and things of the sort don't really bother me. I have to say though, Daylight Savings time is really screwing with me this year. I mean, I've spent a huge chunk of time in my bed since Saturday because I can't get a handle on the new season. Plus, it was still light out at seven o'clock tonight! Usually that makes me happy (summer is my favorite season), but tonight it just made me depressed. I had to check the clock and frantically thought to myself: where did the day go?

Then I promptly fell asleep for an hour and a half nap. Ah, the productive things I'm capable of. That being said, I don't really have time to make an intricate list today, especially because I'm really behind on a paper that I have to hand in on Wednesday. However, I thought I'd use Five Things as a procrastination tool right now and put up a post. Briefly, here are five things that I'm really excited for right now:

1. I've taken up swimming. Everyone always says that it's one of the best workouts you can possibly do, and this season I'm really trying to be conscious of my body. Not so much the way it looks in a mirror, but the way that it operates and the things that I'm putting in it. Therefore, I've started eating much healthier food and I've been really good at workout lately. Today was my second day swimming and I even saw an improvement just from Saturday! However, I can't believe I used to actually be a swimmer. My endurance is absolutely shot! Hopefully I can build it up once again...
2. I'm going to Boston this weekend for one of my best friend's birthdays! He goes to school out there and a bunch of us are heading down to celebrate. I'm also hoping to see one of my girlfriends, Rachel, for lunch on Saturday and...possibly some shopping?
3. I need to start doing some outfit posts. However, in order for me to start enjoying the outfits I'm wearing, the sun needs to come out! Slowly but surely the temperature is rising, which means that I'll also start experimenting more and be willing to put up some outfits that I'm wearing. Stay tuned.
4. There are only six weeks left in the semester! Can you believe that? It's going to fly...hopefully. I cannot wait to be back in Upstate New York, cuddling with my mom.
And last but not least...
5. I'm waiting on an admissions decisions from a program called the University of Dreams. They're an internship placement program, which means that if I'm accepted, they will help me find and guarantee me placement at an internship that I approve. The most exciting part of all? The internship would be in Los Angeles. I might be spending my summer there! I find out by Friday and literally every time my blackberry goes off with an e-mail, I hope it's from them.

But then I check it, and it's not. It's something along the lines of my father: "Did U set your clocks forward? Don't forget."

Thanks, Dad. But that wasn't really what I was looking for.

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