Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a purse is a girl's best friend.

Hi guys! I'm really excited because today I actually ventured out to class and what not without a jacket! I don't know if that makes you guys happy, but it sure does make me smile. Spring is finally, finally coming. That being said, I think it's time to start adding some color to my wardrobe, and my life.

I wish you all could see my outfit right now: dark skinny jeans, a black tank top, and a dark grey J. Crew sweater with black buttons. To top it all off, my nails are an amusingly dark blue. Monochromatic for the win! But such is my winter wardrobe--drab.

Personally, I think the best way to add some color to an otherwise neutral wardrobe is a bright purse. They're the perfect accessory that go with every outfit, and a girl can never have too many. So here they are, five of my favorite eye-popping purses of the season.

1. Leatherette Matelassé Handbag from Forever 21, $25.80
I can't say it enough: I. Love. Quilted. Bags. I think there is something so sophisticated and regal about them. I'm hoping that by the time I'm fifty...maybe sixty...I'll have saved up enough to purchase my own, real quilted Chanel bag. Until then, I'll have to find my fix other places, like Forever 21. This adorable quilted cross-body is a great pink color: neutral, while still adding color. This bag (and its price) is perfect for anyone not totally looking to commit to the bright bag.

2. Cooperative Turnlock Tote from Urban Outfitters, $69.00
I can't get over this deep blue color; I think it's absolutely beautiful. Plus, it's nice and spacious, big enough to carry your Macbook and a few other things, as well. Plentiful pockets and a nice turnlock closure make this the person bag to take to class with you... or out for some shopping and lunch with the girls.

3. Pocket Trim Rucksack from ASOS, $62.76
How fun is this backpack?! It's a perfect color for Spring and a perfect addition to your school day uniform. It gives army chic a whole new name, allowing you to combine multiple trends and be seriously on top of your game. Plus, I have a soft spot for adorable backpacks. They put such a juvenile spin on things, in a good way. They make me feel like I'm in third grade again!

4. Linea Pelle Hobo bag from Target, $29.99!
Guys, this bag is from Target. Target! That means not only is it affordable, but very easily accessible, too. If you try telling me there's no Target within twenty minutes of your house, I'm not sure I'll believe you. That being said, I love this bag. It's got a fun silhouette, especially in an era where it seems like cross body bags are taking over the world. A girl needs a solid shoulder bag every once in a while. Plus, this color is adorable. Love it!

5. Cosmo quilted leather shoulder bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs via Net-a-Porter, $300
.....aaaand for today's splurge, we've got Marc Jacobs in the left corner. Three hundred dollars....I know. But seriously, how adorable is this bag? The color is absolutely electric (if you couldn't tell, that's one of my favorite adjectives) and is sure to grab literally everyone's eye. In a good way. I'm imagining myself walking down the streets of New York and getting complimented left and right for this bag. The green emerald in the middle adds a second pop of color, and the strap can be tucked in to make it a clutch. Swoon. I love me some yellow.

What bags are you carrying this season? I want to hear!


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  2. What a great post about spring purses, I especially love the blue purse from Urban. I think that your blog is great and I love reading your posts!