Sunday, March 13, 2011

Is it Easter yet?

Alright, blogosphere, I did it. For Lent, I gave up: online shopping.

Gasp. I know. I'm addicted to clothes, and thusfar, this has been a real struggle. But I know that in 40 days' time, my wallet will be thanking me. My closet, on the other hand, will be singing a different tune.

In light of this deprivation, I've been spending a considerate amount of time perusing the virtual racks of my favorite stores. One of these joints is Zara, a retailer originally based out of Europe that has now invaded the United States with full force. Their clothes are a little too pricey for the typical struggling college kid such as I, but that doesn't mean I can't yearn...right?


That's what I thought.

That being said, here are 5 things I'm absolutely drooling over from their new S/S 2011 collection, in no particular order. Except the jeans. They're first on my list.

If I'm going to be honest here, I have never owned a pair of colored trousers. I have lusted after them season after season, but I've never taken the plunge and actually purchased some. That being said, I think this might be the pair that I finally spring for. Offered in five beautiful colors, these pants are both a simple and a statement piece. I can just see the fuchsia jeans paired with a blouse-y white top for a summer night. Ah. I'm salivating. Plus, sixty dollars isn't budget-breaking when it comes to finding a nice pair of jeans.

I feel like pleats are one trend that is never going to go out of style. Season after season you see them on the runway, and that is no different this year, either. The options for the classic, camel-colored skirt are abundant.

How electric is this blazer? I can't get over it. The bright, eye-popping color; the perfectly tailored lines. Everything about it is crisp and clean, while being fun and trendy at the same time. I'm picturing it over a black t-shirt and tight, black jeans to truly make the piece stand out.

This t-shirt is one of the simpler things from this season's Zara collection that I find myself loving. It screams this year's trends: stripes and neons. And even more than that, doesn't it just scream summer? I can picture myself throwing this on after a day at the beach as I transition to the barbeque. It's relaxed and adorable, while fashionable at the same time. With a fedora and a pair of either white or jean shorts, how can you go wrong? And, at less than 30 dollars, how can you say no!

Last but not least is this beautiful, 100% silk printed kimono. Its coloring is beautifully neutral, and I especially love the way it's set up with the white of this outfit. It looks like a piece that, when put on, simply falls into place with your body, no? It's absolutely beautiful.

Those are my five things for the day. However, there's a sixth, as well! I didn't include these in the original list because, at 6'0", I don't wear heels. That doesn't mean I don't love them though! That being said, how absolutely fabulous are these?:
I'm literally drooling. Too bad they'd put me at 6'5", which is taller than most of the guys I know.

All images courtesy of Zara, United States.

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