Thursday, February 10, 2011

The first list.

As it turns out, the first list is not going to be entirely about fashion. But (as always), there's something in there. Here are the top five things I like today.

5.  The fact that when I left class today at 5:15, the sun was still out! Call Punxsutawney Phil a poser, but this year I think he hit the nail on the head. Spring is coming, bitches. Get your floral prints ready.

4. Mints! As it turns out, I think I'm addicted to chocolate. And candy. And basically sweets of all kind. So I've given them up! (I made it two weeks without chocolate. As a chocoholic, that's some serious stuff.) Therefore, I need a new obsession, and I have turned to mints. But not the red and white ones, the red and green ones. They're so much better.

3. The new Adele CD. I'm officially obsessed. Okay, so maybe it hasn't been released in the states yet. But hey, I've got my ways. And by ways, I really mean YouTube. But seriously, it's amazing. This performance is one of the most amazing things I've seen in a while. So raw and real. I dare you not to want to cry.

2. LACE SHORTS! Especially these from Mikkat Market, which is another obsession, but that's another topic for another list for another time. But seriously, I'm foaming at the mouth over these. And I say this as I'm sitting on my couch wearing a lace shirt. I think I'm sensing a trend.

1. This blog! Okay, so that might be a lie. But I created the blog today and I'm pretty excited about it. Maybe it's not one of my favorite things yet (because let's face it--it's not anything yet), I'm excited by the prospect of it. Who knows if it will go anywhere? (Hint: it probably won't.) But it's always worth a short.

And in honor of my first post, here are five things I've become hyper aware of ever since starting this blog:
1. My use of unnecessary parenthesis
2. The amount of times I start sentences with "but," "okay," and "but seriously." I promise I'll work on that, and spice it up with some sentence structure once I get going.
3. How many links does one post need? Honestly.
4. Should I be counting down or up? I'm really concerned about this one.
5. While I was writing about mints, I had to eat one. Maybe that means that I'll have to buy those lace shorts before I finish this post...

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